Selling Second Hand Goods

Selling Second Hand Goods: Don't Need It? Sell It For Cash

You don't need to watch your belongings gather dust. Did you know that you can sell your second hand household goods at any one of our stores and walk away with some extra cash?


Get instant cash for your clutter!

We're always on the lookout for quality second hand goods that are looking for a new home, so if you've got something you don't want, bring it to us. At Cash Converters, we believe in fair pricing and a good deal for all. 
Selling Second Hand Goods

Get Paid To Recycle Your Second Hand Goods


The Safe Way To Sell Your Unwanted Goods

No more waiting for emails and calls from people you don't know. No more strangers arriving at your door to view your belongings. You are safe and secure at Cash Converters stores. Bring your items into our Buy Shops and leave with cash in your hands. 
We accept a vast range of second hand goods ranging from tools and electronics to musical instruments and even gaming consoles.

We do not deal in stolen goods.

What You Need To Bring

Bring your second hand goods into our Buy Shop with all the accessories   in good condition and in working order.
Your identity document proving you are over 18 years old
(your green bar-coded ID, driver's licence or passport)


How Selling Your Second Hand Goods To Us Works

You bring your second hand goods into your nearest Cash Converters store
Our Buyer will discuss your needs with you
We'll test the goods to see if they are in working order
We'll negotiate a fair price for your goods
If you choose to sell, we'll give you your cash immediately

What Determines The Value Of Your Second Hand Goods?
The better condition your item is in, the more money you will get. So, remember to clean it, include its accessories and check that it is in working order
The newer your item is, the more money you will get

For example, a flat screen TV has more appeal than an older model. (PS. Bring us the older model anyway, we will still buy it!)



Based on these factors we will negotiate a price with you, and pay you cash instantly for your second hand goods.


Say goodbye to clutter and hello to extra cash. Visit your nearest Cash Converters store today to sell your second hand goods!

House Buys

Please note: Selected Cash Converters stores offer you the convenience of coming to your home to purchase and collect your unwanted items.
House buys are done only for big loads or large items that cannot fit into your car.

For more information on which Cash Converters stores offer the House Buy service please call the Franchise Support Centre on 
087 820 4060 or 4010. The store will explain their specific House Buy terms and conditions to you.


Selling Second Hand GoodsCash Converters Southern Africa are founding members of the South African Police Service Accredited Association,
National Association of Second-Hand Franchised Dealers (NAFSHD), and abide by their rules and Code of Conduct. 

Not Ready To Say Good Bye,
But Still Need Cash?

We all have times when money is tight around the house and it’s usually then that an emergency comes crashing in. Fortunately, Cash Converters has a same day cash loan
that you can use by bringing in anything of value, from jewellery to electronics,
as security for your short term cash loan.

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